Friday, May 6, 2011

Up and At'em...Again

Well here I am blogging again. Sorry, but this time it’s going to be semi-legit. But don’t worry, I’ll still be funny but it’s going to be a little more personal. I’m going try to keep you all up to date with what’s going on in my professional life (yeah that makes me laugh too). My updates will include all the dumb shit I run into on a daily basis plus what I’m doing as a filmmaker. I’ll also let anybody who cares what my fellow classmates are trying to do, so let’s do this shit. I might even do a vlog or two.

Right now I’m trying to digitize the beer pong “tournament” that was put on by a bunch of no-goodnicks. The going is slow but it’s finally capturing; hopefully it all turns out. I’ll try to release a small trailer to give you guys a taste of what it is. I’m still not sure what I’m doing with it. Maybe a music video? I guess I’ll need music for that though.

I’m also working on documentary for class that involves the Bluenose Marathon youth run. I’m going to be setting up interviews all week with the people involved in this amazing event. Basically kids in the youth run program have dedicated to running a full marathon throughout an entire year and will run the last 4.2 km at the Bluenose event. The doc will be looking at the importance of youth activity provincially and nationally. Youth activity throughout the country is currently on a down wards spiral and I’d like to figure out why this is. I’m going to try to promote youth activity all the while focusing on the kids at the bluenose marathon. This thing is still in the preliminary stages, so who knows what direction it might take.

I’m also going to work on uploading a working video file for Preliminary, a short some classmates and I shot and edited a few months ago. It was basically an exercise in Film Noire and I think we did a good job for first timers. I’ll let you all know via facebook and twitter.

It looks like some class buds of mine are going to be doing “Jarod Plays,” where my friend Jarod will be playing through “Zelda: The Ocarina of Time,” for the first time in his life on the original N64. Things should get interesting (we’re playing a drinking game when he makes it to the Guerudo Fortress where we drink every time he gets caught). Should be a good time.

And last of all, follow me on twitter @ThePixelJunkie to keep up with my daily goin-ons (not that you care but fuck it, I’m sure I’m more interesting then some of the people you’re following).

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