Thursday, September 22, 2011

Blown Away By Charlie Zone

I must admit this movie took me by surprise. Charlie Zone, directed by Michael Melski, portrays the story of a desperate street fighter who will do anything for money. He is sent spiraling into a lone rescue mission, or at least, what he thinks is a rescue mission, for an amount of money that no down and out street fighter could ignore. And all of it is set in a dark and gritty Halifax that would make Eisner shudder. Although there are few narrative choices that I personally didn’t agree with, all in all I was very impressed with what Melski had to offer. Melski does such a great job painting us his vision of the Halifax underground that all my qualms with the film have been quickly forgotten (well, maybe not the happy ending, but fuck it, I enjoyed myself). So far Charlie Zone has been my favorite flick of the festival.

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