Thursday, September 22, 2011

What Happens When You Piss Off Christians

Weibo's War is the second documentary I got to see during the festival and it definitely does a better job then Cave of Forgotten Dreams. The director David York takes his audience into Weibo’s war against the Alberta oil industry. Weibo, a Christian fundamentalist, finds himself being the prime suspect for a series of pipeline bombings. He and his extended family, who live on a small secluded farm, are suddenly up against an invisible enemy known as “sour gas.” The sour gas is the main target of the industry and Weibo happens to live on top of whole whack of it. Not long after the first flaring begins weird things start happening on the farm. The worst of it being a rather graphic scene involving an aborted stillborn with sever deformities, presumably from the sour gas leaking onto their farm. But what this documentary does best is it keeps its audience close enough to the Weibo’s family so they can sympathize with their situation but yet make it so that not one person in theatre trusts them. I was constantly trying to gauge Weibo and found it impossible to do so. I really wanted to trust Weibo because I sympathized with him, but the movie makes it obvious there is more going on with Weibo and his family then is caught on camera. And I just love that shit.

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