Friday, September 16, 2011

Roller Town and the Beginning Of The Atlantic Film Fest Journey

The Atlantic Film Festival is in town and I’ve decided to blog about the movies I’m going to see. I have the “Kick Ass Pass That Lets Me Into Everything,” (I think that’s what it’s called, but don’t quote me on it) so I plan to abuse it like it’s free internet porn.

Luckily I got to cover the red carpet event for Roller Town with and wouldn’t you know it I was able to sneak my way into the premier (the only thing my pass wouldn't get me into). After a few pretty funny speeches by various people involved with the movie I found myself sitting front row for the world premier of Roller Town directed by Andrew Bush. The first thing I realized after the opening shot was how campy the movie was and how much I loved it. Every shot was made for comedy and the film mostly hits its marks. Story wise the movie isn’t much, just the average orphan saves the local roller rink from a video arcade take over and somehow finds love during all the madness. But the comedy and campiness made me care little for story. I found myself craving the next scene just to see how crazy it was. Mark little and the rest of the Picnicface cast did an amazing job and it’s immensely satisfying to see them reach heights I’m sure none of them thought where possible.

Before the movie began I got a chance to film an interview with Andrew and all he wanted out of the movie was to make people laugh. If that was his only goal with the movie then I would say it was a smashing success. Rarely was the theatre void of laughter and when the key comedy scenes hit, everyone was in hysterics.

Besides the absolute assault of awesomeness the movie was radiating there was energy in the building that could not be denied and I was happy to be part of it. For offering my services to Haligonia I scored a free ticket to the roller disco after party where I consumed beer and watched much better looking people then me roll around on roller skates. Oh, and I met some pretty cool people too. I’m heading to see Cave of Forgotten Dreams tonight (one of the main movies I wanted to see this festival season). More on that after I see the flick! Stay tuned!

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