Thursday, September 22, 2011


Snow, directed by Rohan Fernando, opened up beautifully. The opening shots (which turned out to be the last shots) got me all hot and bothered. I was hoping for a visual orgasm, but as the film went on, I couldn’t even fake one if I had to. The style quickly changes to a cinematic/documentary hybrid where the scene is lit perfectly but the camera is shaky. Then came the close ups… so soo many close ups. The style of film was interesting to see but it gets tiresome after thirty minutes of nothing but shaky cam and eyeballs. The story, which sums up to be an adult Sri Lakin girl who loses all her family to a devastating tsunami ends up in Canada with her aunt and uncle and quickly falls into a world of coke, lies and heroine. Apparently that’s what ten months in Canada does to a person. Yeah yeah, I realize she’s depressed about losing her immediate family and all, but her fall from grace is hardly believable. Also, the main character Parvati, played by Khalista Zackhariyas, makes some choices that no sane woman would just to go see the ocean. The films aggressive progression and the sometimes-unbelievable circumstances Pvarti finds herself getting into took away from what could have been an interesting narrative. Sure there are arguments and potential reasons for the story to have gone the way it did, but the film maker didn’t make those reasons obvious enough for me, the average idiot, to pick up on.

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