Tuesday, September 27, 2011

High School all Over Again

How could I say no to a high school drama that has John C. Riley playing the principal? Terri is a great high school drama flick about an overweight kid trying to make his way through high school while only wearing pajamas. After the principal figures out he’s been skipping in school he takes Terri under his wing and becomes his friend. Terri, seeking a father figure, accepts this friendship but quickly finds out nothing is perfect.

What did I like best about this movie you must be wondering? Well, I think I just like how the director Azezel Jacobs captures the innocence of a high school oddball. The film touches on all sorts of subjects from bullying to mental illness and does so seamlessly. Terri shows us an intimate look at a confusing time in life and pulls it off really well. I could almost hear my very own principal screaming at me every time Riley’s character ripped into a student (which is very often). I wasn't planning on seeing this one but I'm glad I did.

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