Thursday, September 22, 2011

Turning My Brain To Stupid Mode

It was nice after two days of thinking critically to shut off my brain and enjoy some high concept whackyness, and boy, did directors Brad Mills and Jacquelyn Mills deliver the goods in The Legend of the Psychotic Forest Ranger. But just when I thought I had to stop thinking I realized that this was a self reflexive movie, as in a movie that realizes it’s a genre movie and exploits that very thing. That shit is deep if we’re going to get into film theory. Fuck it, let’s not go there.

So after deciding to snuff out the educated part of my brain I got to thoroughly enjoy the movie. There’s no reason to explain the film since it’s summed up in it’s title. I’ll just say that I was pleased to see that the dumb teenage foursome meets up with a carbon copy of themselves just so the director can double the idiocy on screen. Two jocks, two blond bimbos, two rational brunettes and two jokers all fall one by one to the Psychotic Forrest Ranger who has a voice very reminiscent of the movie phone voice on that episode of Seinfeld. The film was full of bad effects, ridiculous lines and faulty logic. Just how any film should be when it’s aware of itself. Now that’s creepy.

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